My Free Webinar on March 22, 2018: Changing Tomorrow With Logic Models

Do you groan or panic or maybe even fall asleep when you read that an important grant proposal requires that you create a logic model?

Logic models can get a bad rap even though they are simply a planning tool that allows an organization to say, ” IF we do this, THEN this good thing will happen.” IF you participate in Changing Tomorrow with Logic Models, THEN you can always safely say, “Logic Model? I can do that!”

Participants in Changing Tomorrow with Logic Models will learn how to create their organization’s own logic model template. By the end of the session, you will find it easier to plan a program and demonstrate that you:

  • Understand a problem or situation
  • Define what you want to do about it
  • Describe the things and people you need to make it happen
  • Explain the results you expect
  • Outline how you will evaluate them
  • Depict the resulting changes to your world
  • Communicate to others that your approach is worth investing in.

IF you are ready to make program planning a breeze – and ready to raise more funds, THEN register here.

Sponsored by Border Philanthropy Partnership